PENNIES TO PLANES: 5 step process to rewarding yourself

PENNIES TO PLANES: 5 step process to rewarding yourself

While working in a hotel coffee shop I met an intriguing lady from California. We started to have a conversation about her favorite cities that she has visited. During our conversation, I discovered she was from San Francisco. Since I have worked at the hotel, San Francisco has always been in the top 3 of cities that guests recommended for me to visit. She confirmed the recommendation with stories of how gorgeous the city was and how much culture it had to offer. My new friend sold me with how passionately she spoke about the subject. She encouraged me to go and gave me a few tips on how I should be able to save enough to purchase a plane ticket.


  1.  Take a little bit of money that I make each day and put it into a small container
  2.  Make sure the money that goes into the container is an amount that I am not going to be concerned with losing. It could be $1 – $100. If I don’t plan on going out this weekend, maybe I put in more than normal, if I’m tight on cash maybe it’s going to only be the few loose coins in my pocket. Whatever it is it has to be an insignificant amount of money to my budget!
  3.  Make a promise to myself not to touch the money in the jar.
  4.  Set a goal date of when I would like to open it (anniversary, birthdate, graduation or just some random day of the year I choose by eeny, meeny, miny, moe)
  5.  Most importantly NEVER COUNT! Doing this will either seduce me into spending or discourage me on my process.


My 1st time using the method I gained a little over $500 in 4 months. I was  working day shifts in the gift shop/cafe and night shifts as a barback. Although I didn’t use the money for a plane ticket to San Francisco, I did use it for my 1st east coast experience to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. That trip and saving methodology sparked a flame inside of me that sent me to another 8 cities within 13 months, San Francisco being one them.


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  • inspiredworlds

    I like this approach! Can you do this online though in a bank account. Maybe it could slowly withdraw a weekly or monthly debit into another account

    • TheWhimmer

      I’m unsure…I’m going to have to look into that. I know you can do it with paychecks. If they don’t you should make a schedule maybe for a Sunday or something and transfer a small amount weekly to another account, depending how much you spent for the week. So if you didn’t go out this weekend maybe give yourself $35….if you did maybe give yourself $15 or $20….Just keep it at an amount you don’t care about.