Passport Process

Passport Process

A passport is one of the most important things you should own for a life of freedom, fun, and WHIM. With the assistance of this one small book you can conquer your dreams. It is a gateway to a new world. Many see it as a overwhelming price for a small book and feel discouraged but in actuality its actually cheaper than a lot of things we deem a necessity.

You can order a passport at (some) post offices, libraries, municipal offices, or by mail.

Processing Times 4-6 weeks

U.S.A passport cost $110 for 10yrs

+ $25 execution fee


Averages out to $13.50 a year

If you are running short on time there is an extra $60 fee for expedited services.  Expedited through mail takes 3 weeks but if you go directly to a Department of State Passport Agency it will only take 8 days.

I recommend paying an extra $30 for the Passport Card. After a while it gets quite annoying having to carry your Passport Book everywhere. It is more convinent to pull out your passport card when traveling to different destinations

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