Stuart Niven

Stuart Niven

 Initially, when the offer was given for me to stay with a guy my girlfriend Kim met ONLY ONCE in a hostel I was a bit hesitant. I was thinking maybe he could be some crazy psycho murderer and I was going to have to use my new Jiu-Jitsu skills that I didn’t quite attain as of yet. So Kim and I made a deal. We decided that we would stay in a hotel for a night, a hostel for a night, and her new friends place for the last 4 days and if he was sketchy we were heading back to the hostel. We met Ash (Kim’s friend from the hostel) at Domain Interchange tram stop in Melbourne and after chit chatting on the car ride to his home I was at ease. The very energetic and silly Ash kept our visit filled with laughter and tons of activities to do. Ash had a roommate named Stuart. The very wise and well rounded man always had something unique to say.  After many conversations with Stuart in his eclectic South Yarra pad, I was in awe of his daily activities designing cities and his travels around the globe. I decided to interview Stuart to share the inspiration that was bestowed upon me with the rest of the World. Several wonderful meals later, each being of different regions; I’m glad to call these two great gents new friends.










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