Suffocation of a Dream

Suffocation of a Dream

Freedom forms when status is un-adorned; Dead dreams should be the only thing mourned.

I used to have a fear of telling people I wrote poetry. I was afraid of being rejected if I was not appealing to my audience. It’s hard to try something new and stick with it, especially if you don’t get approval from the start.  However, you need to build confidence, even more as an adult. You think to yourself if these skills aren’t already acquired then you are probably wasting your time. Practice is only reserved for the skills deemed logical for you. Skills that are usually based upon your cultural, economical or social status. You continue to doubt your capabilities, which leads to never attempting something that you are curious about. If you do try, it’ll probably only be a half-hearted effort, fearful of failure. You continue to defer from something that you dream of, something new and original to your world. Years go by as your soul slowly dies, suffocating from the constant thought of what if. 


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