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Livelle “Chuck” Mobley // Master Whimmer

A Jack of all trades or just your ol’ average groovy American gent.  After many conversations throughout the years I’ve noticed how often people tend to doubt their capabilities or postpone the things that truly intrigue them. After conquering tons of my own personal fears, I am now a firm believer in the pursuance of dreams, no matter how large or small they might be. So, I have now decided that I want to not only encourage but equip and empower others by sharing the tales of my past, future and present.


Life is all about opinions its up to you to compare and choose what you see that makes you happy and at peace with yourself. My goal is to not be only a voice of guidance for youth and the everyday person who feels lost in their life, but a reference to show options and choices that are possible in life. Adding more adventure to the everyday life. Unlocking your inner child and living freely.


 An intimate collection of tips, ideas, and stories from my experiences with the world. Offering an alternative choice to the un-knowing, with hopes of improving ones lifestyle.


My adventures in cooking to inspire ideas through food. My hope is to get people to jazz up there everyday meals; cooking more raw and healthy foods. 

The Whimmer is a Lifestyle blog capturing my thoughts and travels to inspire you…The Whimmers